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Repair of cracked and broken
Gray and Steel castings
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The procedure

The reasons for cracks and fractures in grey iron are manifold. Among others they arise from fatgue, overload, wrong operation, temperature variations and other external influences.

Withthe mothods developed by us, the damages can be repaired on the spot, provided the material has a minimum thciness of 8mm and the rupture can easily be accessed. according to circumstances we individually use bars or a steel lock.

The bar
Rectangular to the cracks, bar are inserted into already prepared slots.The number and size of the bars depend on the particular damage. Our bars consist of a heat and rust resisting high-strengh iron-nickel alloy. Due to cold forming a strengh of 90kg/mm² is reached
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The steel lock
In the case of stronger basic material and higher local stress we prefer locks, the size and material properties of which are calculated an grounds of the respective conditions. The technique of repair is similar to the technique of the bars.

Our mechanics decide on the spot which techniqueto use best. If necessary both bars and steel lock may be applied to get the strengh of the basic material or even beat it in many cases.

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